Keith's fingerstyle acoustic guitar music has been described as new age with a touch of folk.  Many who have heard his music will tell you how deeply moving it can be - a "healing effect" - an "emotional journey" that's hard to express in words. 


"Keith's instrumental acoustic guitar album captivates and inspires without words. With trademark hook motifs, well-thought out progressions, and enthralling subtlety, he can transport the listener to places and emotions both uncommon and serene."  (Greg Hansen - Multi-award winning record producer/arranger and composer) 

"Warmth and contentment flow through the music, providing a respite from the noise and hectic pace of contemporary life... If you love acoustic guitar, this album is a must!"  (Kathy Parsons - MainlyPiano.com

"The combination of Driskill’s acoustic finger style technique and the absence of vocals assists the listener in reaching a certain serene and introspective state..."  (Christen LaFond - MUZIKreviews.com) 

"In the hands of composer/guitarist Keith Driskill the guitar is a bringer of intimate moments, some wistful, some romantic, and some dreamlike... A Time Of Innocence is a lovely, soothing and harmonic album, and well worth seeking out."  (MusicWatch at THE BORDERLAND) 

"This music has a lot of what I would call “heart quality”... perfect for starting the day, winding down in the evening, or whenever a peaceful musical oasis is desired."  (Michael Diamond - Music editor for Awareness Magazine) 

"Driskill’s complex finger-picking style yields sensitive lead lines, dynamic bass rhythms, and soothing arpeggios that slowly and softly work their way into your soul. Before you know it, you’re enveloped in a serene sanctuary of sound."  (Raj Manoharan - RajMan Reviews

"His release A Time of Innocence is an acoustic guitar album that at least, momentarily shuttles the listener to a relaxing state of mind by its peaceful down to earth purity."  (John P. Olsen - NewAgeMusicWorld.com)

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Keith Driskill

Music should be there to lift us, to deepen us and awaken us to a consciousness above the mundane routines of life.